General Supply.

We are an innovative supplying company, whose goal is to supply clients not only with a wide array of products -quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively – but also to offer creative solutions to fill particular needs? We also provide our client, from all range of institutions, government and non-governmental sector, private company and business people to full-supply service, where we provide an assortment
of wholesale packaging supplies ,electronics/ equipment, Restaurants/hotels materials ,furniture’s & fittings, computers,printers,tonners, cantridges & comsumables, uniforms,promotional materials/branded items, hardware items, electrical and electronics, kitchen ware appliances, sanitary pads and diapers with customized solutions in all options and divisions. With our extensive network of international plant, factories and forwarding agents combined with more than 5 years of experience in Freight and latest technology enables us to offer a comprehensive yet personal dedicated services

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