About Us

“SEACRANE GLOBAL LOGISTICS LIMITED “, is an extension of your office acting as your traffic and shipping department to handle any cargo movements either for export to any worldwide destinations or import from any country in the world.We know you have a choice. So why should you work with “SEACRANE GLOBAL LOGISTICS LIMITED “,? Because the values which underpin SGLL’ operations mean you can be assured of unmatched freight services, quality and reliability.


SEACRANE GLOBAL LOGISTICS LIMITED “, is focused on assisting clients in reaching their goals. Therefore, our corporate philosophy is built on the idea that our success is measured by the success of our customers. To uphold a high standard of business principles, professional conduct and experience essential to deliver quality service for our clients we recognize that our staff is our most valuable asset. Our dedicated and experienced employees use the latest technology to exceed customer requirements and drive improvement in your supply chain.


We at Seacrane Global Logistics Limited meet the changing needs of the industry and work in partnership with our customers to create flexible, innovative and quality solutions for their international transportation and distribution needs


We successfully networked ourselves extensively so as to be able to meet all services demand

We have team of skilled, efficient and experienced personnel committed to being responsive. Our team with relevant experience is supported by network leading associates


Customer care is foremost and every personnel in seacrane Global Logistics Limited strive toward delivering “Quality services,”Seacrane Global Logistics Limited has a well organize team for projects cargo specialist.


We can provide you best Ocean/Air Freight and quality service.

Our service covers Sea and Air shipment Booking, Customs Declaration, with professional and passionate working team managed by the well experienced & professional management.


We are having our presence at Kenya (Head Office), and strong agent network all over the world.


Our Goal

Allow our customers to be so confident in our ability to deliver their product that they can devote their energy towards the core aspects of their business.


Our Commitment

Listen to our customers and tailor services to meet their objectives. Commit to continuously evaluate, innovate, and upgrade technology and processes to eliminate error and achieve maximum efficiency. Focus on being pro-active decision-makers to mitigate supply chain risk.